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Advanced Dental Technology - McKinney, TX

The Best That Modern Dentistry Has to Offer

The world of dentistry is never at a standstill – new techniques and technologies are being developed every day, and Dr. Hegazin is proud to stay right at the forefront of these important changes for the sake of our patients. Marble Dental McKinney features countless modern touches that help improve accuracy, precision, comfort, and efficiency throughout each appointment. Our team looks forward to introducing you to these valuable benefits of our advanced dental technology in McKinney during your first appointment – contact us today.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist and patient looking at intraoral photos of teeth using advanced dental technology

Intraoral cameras provide excellent opportunities for diagnostic assistance and patient education. The process is simple – we will maneuver the camera-tipped wand throughout your mouth, capturing high-resolution images of the oral structures that can be transferred to a monitor right next to your chair. This visual aid can be used by Dr. Hegazin to more clearly explain problematic areas, assess the effectiveness of oral hygiene, and explain potential treatment options.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental x rays on computers

Today, digital radiography is the clear choice for dentists! Unlike film, this modern diagnostic method creates comprehensively detailed X-rays in seconds – no darkrooms or hazardous chemicals required. These digital images can even be magnified and color-coded in order to help patients better understand what they’re seeing on the screen. There’s also no need to worry about dangerous radiation, as this technology reduces exposure by up to 80% compared to traditional tools.

Cavity Detection System

Patient having cavity detection scan performed

The development of tooth decay is a gradual process, and one that our team hopes to diagnose and eliminate as early as possible. The CamX Spectra is a revolutionary tool that assists Dr. Hegazin with this goal, using fluorescence technology to clearly identify even the smallest cavities and dangerous accumulations of plaque throughout the mouth. With it, we’re able to find and treat decay even sooner to help our patients preserve more of their natural teeth over time.

Vatech PaX-i 3D CBCT scanner

Highly advanced Vatech PaX i 3 D C B C T scanner

A CBCT scanner is essentially an advanced type of X-Ray machine that captures three-dimensional images of a patient’s teeth, jaw, nerves, and connective tissues. The Vatech PaX-i 3D scanner comes equipped with specialized software and other features that make it stand out amongst similar machines on the market. Dr. Hegazin may recommend that you undergo a CBCT scan if you are preparing to receive dental implants, or if you must undergo root canal treatment or another complex procedure.

Learn More About CBCT Scanner

OralID Cancer Screening

Oral I D light

As with many other cancers, the sooner you identify oral cancer, the better. OralID cancer screening technology makes it easier for us to see abnormal cells in the mouth, which can lead to faster diagnosis and treatment. When this blue fluorescent light shines one healthy cells, they appear bright green, but abnormalities like pre-cancer and cancer appear much darker. This quick screening process takes only a few minutes and is completely painless, but it has the potential to save lives!

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